Your caring staff at Ace Animal Hospital

When our clients bring their pets into our clinic, they have the comfort of seeing very familiar faces who have watched their beloved pet/pets grow from puppy or kitten to grown dog or cat.  They get the feeling that we have been there from the very beginning of their special bond to the very end.  Our staff treats all of our clients and their pets like family.

DR. DOUGHERTY is the owner of Ace Animal Hospital.  He isis sought after for his knowledge of animal care and his surgical talents.  Dr. Dougherty takes time with every client that comes in and gives their pet the best care possible.  He is also known for his orthopedic surgeries such as the ACL and luxating patella surgeries.


MAUREEN  One word to describe Maureen would be dedication, as she has been with Ace for over 30 years and is the glue that holds us together.  When you call Ace or come in for a visit, most likely Maureen will know your name, your pet's name and will greet you like an old friend.  She is very knowledgeable in veterinary care and will always try her best to answer any question you may have regarding your best friend.


DEBBIE has been with Ace over 10 years. People have come in and specifically asked for Debbie to be with their pet.  She has a strong knowledge of animal behavior and will always be willing to help you with any questions you may have. She has great experience handling all types of pets and our doctors always look to Debbie when a "problem child" comes in.


LENA has been with Ace over 8 years and is an asset to our team.  Lena is very compassionate and always puts your pet first.  She is very informative and can answer any question.  Lena is an advocate for animals and it shows. She will always lead you in the right direction with her care and knowledge.


DANIELLE is a familiar face here at Ace.  After several years of absence to take care of her family, Dani is back in a new role as an assistant.  She is able to put her previous experience and love of pets to good use.

MATT is the newest member of the Ace team. He brings us experience from doggy day care and his love of pets big and small shows with all his actions. His goal is to someday go to Veterinary school.


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